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As a childcare professional there are many options open to you — a nursery job , nannying, family support, part time, full time, temporary or permanent — we aim to provide you with the path to your ideal employment. This service is free to experienced childcare workers, and encompasses all types of child care jobs.

How we work to find the childcare job you want

Careline is an established child care agency and we have longstanding relationships with hundreds of nurseries, pre-schools, after school clubs and social service departments. Please note that, importantly, we are not a web- only operation, so we do not simply post your CV on the internet and hope that employers contact you. We seek out work which is right for you and put you forward for the posts which most closely match your ideal.
Since we have been placing child care workers in suitable work for over 20 years, we have direct and trusting relationships with a large number of childcare employers, and a high industry profile throughout the central south of England, giving us access to the widest range of vacancies.
To further your employment we will meet you, understand your experience, preferences and aspirations, and then seek out the ideal position for you taking all these factors into account.

Temporary or permanent childcare position?

Temp work

The word “temp”, though widely used is somewhat misleading, in particular because this type of work is not necessarily temporary! Many staff choose to work as temps through Careline for years, (even decades!). Some candidates assume temp work is always part time, whereas in fact full time hours are the norm.
As a temp worker (also known as a supply worker or agency worker) you would work through Careline in the sense that Careline would pay your wages each week. As a cleared Careline temp you are eligible to work at a large number of nurseries as well as with families requiring temporary support. Each week you are offered employment we feel would suit you. When working as a temp you have great flexibility and control over your lifestyle, as you can specify whether you want part time or full time hours and which employers you prefer. You could choose to work at a wide range of places, but in practice many Careline temps become valued regulars at a small number of establishments, or take long term assignments. Temps are entitled to holiday pay, and have access to the same workplace facilities which are available to the directly employed childcare workers that you work alongside.
If you are seeking to broaden your experience, or if you simply enjoy variety, temping through Careline may be an excellent career choice for you.

Remember, whilst working through Careline you will be a highly valued team member, you will be earning industry leading rates, and you will be receiving your pay reliably into your account each Friday.

Even if you are looking for a permanent job (here meaning to work directly for one employer) temping may still be for you initially, because Careline temps are often offered permanent positions where they are currently temping – an ideal way to “try jobs out” before making the commitment.

Permanent positions

If you are seeking a permanent childcare job Careline will put you forward to employers who have vacancies which match your goals, these could be day nurseries, social services, or in the case of a nannying position, with a family. When you accept a resulting job offer, you become a direct employee of that employer. There is no cost to you as the employer pays our fee. When locating a permanent child care position for you Careline will use our extensive employer contact network, our high industry profile and our on-going advertising program to locate positions for which we believe you are ideally suited. This will be based on our assessment, and the objectives and preferences you have explained to us at interview. We can find posts wherever child carers are required. Permanent positions can be full or part time and include positions for:

Some usual child care career situations

You are looking to do temp work in day nurseries starting asap…….Excellent! We will progress your clearance in the shortest time possible and give you interesting temp work in local nurseries.

You are seeking a fabulous permanent childcare job that meets all your criteria…..Excellent! come and tell us your goals with regard to a nursery job, a nannying position or other childcare role and we will begin the search for your ideal job.

You are currently working with a family and you want to work in a day nursery part time to make up your hours….. Excellent! Once cleared for work we will record what shifts you are available for each week, and book you in only for those days.

You feel you would be able to support families experiencing social, medical or maternity issues; on a temp basis…..Excellent! Once cleared for work we will place you into assignments through our social services clients. (For this type of work you will normally need to be a driver).

What should I do next?

Apply to Careline now, even if you are not available immediately. Remember the process of obtaining references and clearances can take some time. An online application form is available here.

We look forward to welcoming you to Careline!

Geographical Coverage

Careline provides care agency or permanent childcare personnel throughout central southern England, including Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Wiltshire. Major towns and cities covered include Abingdon, Aldershot, Alton, Andover, Ascot, Aylesbury, Basingstoke, Beaconsfield, Bicester, Bracknell, Camberley, Crowthorne, Didcot, Fareham, Farnborough, Farnham, Guildford, Henley on Thames, High Wycombe, Hungerford, Maidenhesd, Marlborough, Newbury, Oxford, Portsmouth, Reading, Slough, Southampton, Swindon, Thame, Thatcham, Wallingford, Winchester, Windsor, Woking, Wokingham.

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