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Well crafted, carefully supervised care packages provided for Local Authority Community Care Teams 


As the field of care has evolved, the responsibilities of Local Authority Community Care Teams have rapidly expanded, increasing the workload of social workers.


In response Careline has focused on increasing our capacity to support Community Team Social Workers by providing well-crafted, bespoke care packages.


Due to the unique requirements of this type of care, and the large volume of continuing work in this area, we have a dedicated division within Careline to specialise in this field. Our Bespoke Care Support division will enhance our response to your needs in areas including:




 ~Complex care

~ Community support
     ~Independent living skills support
     ~Sitting services
     ~Family respite service
     ~After school activity support
     ~Extra individual support in residential and nursing homes
     ~Work experience support
     ~Day services support
     ~Meaningful day occupation support
     ~Youth group support
     ~Collection from school service
     ~Parenting support
     ~Family support
     ~Contact visits


We are able to support your clients whatever their needs, and our longstanding experience accross the whole range of care including learning disabilities, mental health, physical disabilities, elderly care and childcare allows us to take full responsibility for any care plan, so that you can have confidence that the care will run smoothly with the minimunm demand on your time. 





Independent living training facilities


Careline has a fully equipped kitchen/dining skills training facility based within our Reading site, available for use within Careline operated care packages or for use by outside agencies. See details here





Funding the care


 We are able to process payment via direct payments or indendent service fund, and of course all local authorities have accounts with Careline to make credits directly where required.





If you are a social worker and you have any current or upcoming community care support requirements, please call now on your local Careline number below







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